Aircraft Inspections

Our aircraft inspections will provide you with a detailed insight of the physical condition of your aircraft and/or the assets technical records allowing you to make sensible and informed decisions based on our cost forecasts of for example, introduction to service, regulatory compliance and restoration of maintenance to allow best utilisation.

We have been providing aircraft inspections on behalf of airlines, new start-up ventures, manufacturers and banks for a number of years now and we always have your best interests uppermost throughout the process.

Some of the other areas we can help include:

Pre Purchase/Lease Audits

  • Aircraft physical inspections to establish aircraft condition, aircraft equipment fit status, interior specifications and regulatory compliance prior to client “take on” and periodic aircraft audits during the operators lease term.

Valuation /assessment and audit of rotable and consumable spares holding for airlines and organisation offering spares support.

  • Review and recommendation of appropriate spares holding and investment for optimal operation of aircraft based on utilisation and geographical support for spares support, asset audit and valuation of spares holdings on behalf finance organisation sand auditing organisations and airlines.

Aircraft Management Services

Our experienced consultants have experience and in depth knowledge on a wide variety of aircraft types including but not limited to Boeing, Airbus, British Aerospace, Enbraer and Fokker commercial / corporate aircraft as well as number of other commercial aircraft.

Mach Avia regularly assists airlines, maintenance companies, new start-up ventures and banks with selecting, acquiring, operating and managing aircraft, spares, equipment and vendor services.

Our aircraft management services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Aircraft Valuations & Maintenance Cost Forecasts
  • Aircraft Finance & Leasing Technical Advisory
  • Lease Return Compliance
  • Pre Purchase / Lease Audits: Aircraft inspections to establish aircraft condition, aircraft equipment fit status, interior specification and regulatory compliance.
  • Technical Records Review, Analysis and Auditing
  • All Aspects of Maintenance Provisioning including Interior Re-configuration
  • Full Analysis of AD, ASB, CPCP, ISIP and Ageing Aircraft requirements
  • Aircraft work scope definition
  • Aircraft Acquisitions: Customer assistance in the introduction of new or used aircraft providing whole or part project management
  • Aircraft Repossessions
  • Aircraft Completions
  • Lease negotiation and maintenance spares / support
  • Maintenance Contract Negotiations and mediation

Technical Appraisals

Mach Avia provide detailed technical appraisals which cover the initial, mid-term, end of lease providing detailed appraisal stages which focus on verifying an aircraft’s condition and/ or compliance with the necessary regulatory or lease contract requirements.

Mach Avia are also able to provide the following services:

Direct Maintenance Cost Appraisals

Evaluation of direct costs for maintenance to identify potential cost savings which may be achievable with but not limited to the selection of MRO, selection and administration of spares and the selection of sub contracted support services and providers.

Aviation Consultancy

Mach Avia can provide a range of on-site representation services where customer aircraft may be undergoing maintenance, modification and routine scheduled maintenance acting as liaison with the maintenance provider and operator.

We have worked with number of the airlines to recommend and advise on build standards and compliance with purchase order at manufacture specification stages leading to the introduction to service for the operator.

Whether you require some extra support, project management or advice during the overhaul process our team is on call to help. Some of the areas we also cover include:

  • Project management when client internal resources may be restricted or limited
  • Representation to new and existing airlines during maintenance and modification events
  • Maintenance programme review and evaluation to identify cost savings
  • Support during aircraft refurbishment or repair
  • Support during Engine Overhaul and shop visits events